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Pacific Retirement Plans, Inc. (PRP) was established in 1965. Our company offers a full range of actuarial, consulting and administrative services for all types of qualified retirement plans. Our clientele range in size from sole proprietors to publicly traded corporations with hundreds of employees.

What differentiates PRP from other third party administrators (TPA)?
  1. Stability - 50 years of professional service.
  2. Low turnover - The average length of service for employees of PRP is 20 years.
  3. Professional staff - Enrolled Agent, Certified Pension Consultant, Qualified Pension Administrator and Qualified 401(k) Administrator.
  4. Extensive IRS audit experience - Our IRS audit experience has developed a good working relationship with many IRS agents.
  5. Professional education - Professional education is a must for our employees. We support and pay for educational programs given by the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA). We also conduct in-house training for all employees on a regular basis.

PRP was founded on the principles of service and integrity. Adherence to these principles in our 48 years of operation has resulted in a record of steady growth and stability. Employee compensation is generally an employer's largest single item of expenditure. Retirement programs represent a major component of the compensation package, therefore, selecting an appropriate retirement plan is a significant business decision. Our ability to assist clients in realizing their goals in this area is a function of the following characteristics of our organization.

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Our firm is not involved in the sale of any investment or insurance product, nor are we affiliated with any organization offering such products. Our revenues are derived solely from fees for services. We are therefore able to operate with complete objectivity in designing a program to meet individual client needs.

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Our staff includes Certified Pension Consultants (CPC), Qualified Plan Administrators (QPA), Qualified 401(k) Administrators (QKA), Enrolled Agent (EA) and computer professionals. All certified staff members must complete a required number of continuing education credits each year in order to maintain their credentials. To accomplish this goal, we send each of these members of our firm to one, or more, of the recognized conferences each year. We also conduct in-house training for all employees in order to keep them updated on the rapidly changing environment of rules and regulations applicable to our industry. The result of our emphasis on employee education and training is reflected in the quality of services provided our clients.

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PRP has always been on the leading edge of technological innovation. We have employed computer technology in consulting and administration from the Company's inception. Our current computer system combines software developed by PRP with the best software developed for our industry. This facilitates modifications that may be needed to meet a client's individual needs. It also permits us to respond quickly and economically to statutory and regulatory changes affecting employee benefit plans.

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We believe the stability of our staff is one of the most essential components of our service. To that end, we place great emphasis on not only attracting, but also retaining qualified consultants and administrators. Each of our clients is assigned to a plan consultant in addition to an administrator. This ensures that more than one member of the firm is familiar with that client, and therefore, the client is assured on uninterrupted service and timely response to questions.

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