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Are you unhappy with your current service provider? Do you want to learn about different ways to administer your plan?

It is the employer's responsibility to evaluate the provisions, investment options and expenses of it's plan on a regular basis and make changes as necessary.

Pacific Retirement Plans:
  • Can design a plan that may reduce employer contributions to part-time, transient employees and those employees that do not work all year, thereby reducing cost. We can also design a plan that will provide a greater contribution to the owner/key personnel.
  • Can assist the employer establish a plan with a wide variety of options including daily valuation, multiple fund families, brokerage option, Internet and 800# access.
  • Evaluates your retirement plan requirements and suggests options that best fulfill your needs.
  • Evaluates your discrimination testing problems and suggests changes that may permit owner/employees to make a greater contribution to the plan. Longer eligibility provisions and different ADP testing methods may reduce the employer cost than more expensive, fully vested employer contributions.
  • Allows you to continue using the existing plan document in certain cases.
  • Does not charge takeover fees.
  • Provides a "full service" administration service at a competitive price.
  • Is a local contact with a professional experienced staff in terms of industry credentials.
Does your current service provider offer the following?
  • Only provides a plan with expensive employer contributions that are too generous to part-time, transient employees or those that leave before year-end.
  • Plan design and consulting to customize the plan to the employer's needs rather than providing the "one-size fits all" plan that may result in more expensive employer contributions.
  • Dedicated service based organization intent on establishing long term relationships, not just selling product.
  • Plan documents with various allocation formulas that benefit owners/key personnel (age weighted, integration, comparability, etc) and flexible provisions that reduce costs (e.g. eligibility, entry, vesting, benefits, etc.) instead of a limited number of choices that suits the service provider.
  • Evaluates compliance testing problems and provides recommendations for planning, testing and correction.
  • Qualified staff with years of professional experience and industry credentials , Certified Pension Consultant (CPC), Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA), Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA) and Enrolled Agent (EA) rather than customer service representatives.
  • Plan evaluation in order to maximize plan benefits for principals, key personnel and employees and maximize the use of this type of tax-shelter.
  • Provide the sponsor with the flexibility to work with different investment options and make changes without penalty, as necessary.
  • Charge higher assets fees such as wrap fees, contingent deferred sales charges in lieu of "up-front" administration charges that are deductible by the sponsor.

  • A recent trend in the industry has seen major brokerage houses divest or out-source their in-house third-party administration services, while they concentrate on their core-business; money management. Pacific Retirement Plans concentrates on providing quality third party administration services as our primary business while using portfolio management services of large brokerage firms.

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