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  • What if your retirement plan could have the cutting edge investment information technology of a big brokerage firm, with the oversight and experience of a Pension Administrator which has been in business for decades? Pacific Retirement Plans can assist the employer in establishing a 401(k) plan with multiple fund families, a brokerage option, daily valuation, Internet and 800-number access.

  • One-Person 401(k) Plans See how a 401(k) profit sharing plan can maximize plan contributions for a one-person employer. Contact us to find out how a one-person 401(k) profit sharing plan can benfit you.

  • Why use an experienced independent third party administrator such as PRP? Consulting requires a knowledgeable and experienced fee for service TPA that can evaluate complex rules and regulations and effectively design and communicate a customized approach that fulfills the employer's requirements. Many of our staff members participate in the education and credential program offered by the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA).

  • The employer may provide a plan that maximizes the owners' benefits from the plan by receiving a larger contribution than other employees using different allocation formulas in certain cross-tested & age-weighted profit sharing plans.

  • Are you tired of receiving taxable refunds from the 401(k) plan? We can evaluate 401(k) testing problems and suggest changes that may permit owners and key employees make greater contributions to the plan which may save the owner money.

  • Are you unhappy with your current service provider? Do you want to learn about different ways to administer your plan? Click here for information on how plan sponsors can change their plan administration.

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